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Best Care Anywhere: Stories from Our Patients

Have a story you'd like to share with us?  Email us at

, or drop us a line at (707) 964-1251. We'd love to hear from you!

Here are some stories our patients have shared with us.

We received a card to thank one of our patient advocates:
"Thank you for all your expertise and hard work.  I was awarded SSDI and it would have never happened without your advice and vigilant prompting/writing.  I am profoundly grateful."

This card came from a patient in our dental clinic:

Dr. Nash is an excellent dentist. He always explains everything that is going to happen every step of the way and makes me feel very comfortable. He is quick and efficient. I really appreciate his professionalism and kind manner.  ~ Mary L.

Making a difference

A patient was seen in the Behavioral Health department for a couple of years. This client was deep in the throes of depression, unable to eat or care for herself most of the time and extremely socially isolated. The only time she would leave her house was for her therapy appointments. Over the course of her treatment, her condition improved dramatically. 

Today, this former patient has become an ordained minister and is moving to Hawaii to start her own wedding business. She is happy and full of life.

Here is one patient's testimonial about her provider, Linnea Matthews, FNP:
"She is my advocate in all my medical issues and has been for nearly 15 years. I trust her completely! She listens to me and is always empathetic and informative. I have never had a medical provider who I have felt cared for me on a personal level like Linnea." ~ Beth P.

Making it work...together

A dental patient needed a Panoramic X-ray taken. MCC does not have a Panoramic machine, so we needed to refer the patient to another office.  However, none of the dental offices in town accepted his insurance, so the patient would have to pay out of pocket. He was unable to afford this and was going to give up on getting the treatment he needed. Our dental receptionist reached out to Friends of Hospice and they agreed to pay for his Panoramic X-rays. MCC's dental receptionist and one of our Registered Dental Assistants worked together on coordinating the referral.  The patient had his X-ray taken, and returned to MCC's dental department to continue receiving care.

Did You Know?  Friends of Hospice is not just for assisting those in palliative care. They focus on helping those who are facing severe challenges because of health and medical crises. Friends of Hospice's first priority is always to support hospice service, but they also assist those whose insurance doesn't cover everything and find they can't afford basic necessities. Friends of Hospice determines whether the request falls within their Mission, and does their best to fulfill as many requests for assistance as possible. As they say, "Give us a chance to say no!" You can learn more about Friends of Hospice here, or call (707)  964-5229 or email

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