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News & Current Events

Access is the Answer!

With all the news lately about health risks it is critically important that anyone should be able to access healthcare when and where they need it. Access to a primary care provider is just as important as an insurance card. People should have both -- but unfortunately that is not always the case.

Some 62 million people nationwide struggle with little or no access to a primary care provider. We are making progress at Mendocino Coast Clinics. We are part of a network of Community Health Centers that serve 1 in 15 people living in the U.S., including over 250,000 veterans, in more than 9,000 communities. We provide good, effective care that keeps people healthy and out of the hospital. Yet, even as demand for our services continues to grow, a critical source of funding that helps us meet that demand is set to expire if Congress doesn’t act.

Our center could lose as much as $755,600 if Congress does not take action to fix this funding cliff. The impact would be disastrous for our patients and staff. Our clinic alone would be forced to cut back services or staff, creating a ripple throughout our coastal community. Programs focused on growing the supply of primary care providers also would be hurt. We are grateful that there are bipartisan leaders on Capitol Hill that are calling attention to the problem. We hope their call does not come too late for the people who are still waiting for care.

For more information or to sign the petition to Save Our Health Centers visit the Campaign for America's Health Centers.

Dr. Goldyn Meets with President

On June 30, 2014 Dr. Lawrence Goldyn, Medical Director of Mendocino Coast Clinics and his spouse Ronald Campbell met with President Obama in the Oval Office. The President had invited them to a White House reception honoring Gay Pride.

In the late 1970s Dr. Goldyn taught political science at Occidental College in Los Angeles. The young Mr. Obama took a course from him in European politics. They also became friends and Dr. Goldyn served as an informal advisor to the future president. In 2008 The Advocate, a national publication dedicated to LGBT issues, interviewed the then president–elect and asked him how he had developed his open attitude toward sexual minorities. Mr. Obama cited first his mother and second, Dr. Goldyn as the two people who had the most influence on his non-judgmental position.

After the Oval Office meeting, the President addressed those attending the reception in a packed East Room. He lauded Dr. Goldyn as one of the unsung heroes of the movement for civil rights for sexual minorities. The President’s speech can be found here.